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At the heart of Gem Stone

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted our website to look like. At first I thought a store would be a great plan, but honestly, our pieces are one of a kind and it makes for a long day trying to list everything that we make. Not that we are afraid of hard work! The elves and myself work tirelessly to ensure each item is perfect. Perfect match, perfect feel, perfect fit.

So we dropped the idea of a store, not to everyones approval, but we decided to go 'Event Crazy'!  Everything we make and sell is at our shows. But that doesn't mean you cant buy online. We are offering to make commission pieces for you. A true, one of a kind, made to your specifications, made to match you as a person or perhaps for a friend. You simply drop us a message, tell us about yourself or the person your buying for. We would like to know simple things, like : birthstone, favourite colours and objects, the things that bring you joy, so we can individually hand make a beautiful gift just for you. 


As I mentioned, we are going 'Event Crazy' next year, with around 30 booked for 2024 so far. Please come and see us. We would love to meet you and find out the things that make you happy and pass that feeling on in jewellery.

All our love, 

Kate and The Gem Stone Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Heart

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