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  • Purification

  • Transformation

  • Metamorphoses

  • Manifestation

  • Practicality

  • Psychic ability

Obsidian is a volcanic glass

Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - Scorpio, Sagittarius
Element - Earth/Fire
Numerical Vibration - Number 1

Typical colours - Black, silvery or brown


A strongly protective stone

Obsidian is truth-enhancing, forms a shield against negativity a d brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.  It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment. Helps you to know who you truly are.

Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. It stimulates growth on all levels, urging exploration of the unknown and opening up new horizons. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas.  Promotes qualities of compassion and strength.

Obsidian aids the digestion and detoxifies.  It reduces arthritis pain, joint problems and cramps.  Warms the extremities.

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